Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fringe Steals from Ex Machina!


I just got done watching the first season of Fringe. While I have to say that I enjoyed it, I also have to admit that I'm left with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Brian K Vaughan has been writing a fantastic comic series from Wildstorm/DC called Ex Machina. It's about a superhero in a world very much like our own. Mitchel Hundred went by the name of the "Great Machine" when he was out saving the world. Perhaps his greatest achievement as a hero was stopping the second airplane from striking the second World Trade Center tower in New York City on 9/11.

There is a mystery surrounding the origin of Hundred's powers - even to him. In one of the issues there's a visitor from another dimension that meets with Hundred and tells him that he's crossed over from another reality in advance of a invading army that aims to take over not just the world - but ALL the worlds.

Cut over to Fringe - the early episodes were very much in the vein of X-Files with a mystery of the week and a slow build-up to the overall story. Suffice it to say a large component of the story involves travel between worlds and various factions battling against one another. The final shot of the finale pulls away from two characters talking in an office. As the shot widens and travels further from the window you see that both towers are still standing and it is implied on a newspaper front page that it was the White House that got destroyed in this reality. ["Obamas set to move into new White House"]

Of course it's not a blatant rip-off, certainly nothing that BKV could go after JJ Abrams for stealing, but it definitely takes some key points.